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Scented Clear Slime is the newest Slime trend, and LayZSlime is proud of our small influence in introducing it! Buy scented crystal clear slime or clear slime scents today! We have slime available in all sorts of scents, colors, and textures! There’s something for everyone in the family to enjoy. Shop below, or browse our pages for tips & tricks on all things slime!

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If you’d like to reduce waste and don’t want extras use this code for $1 off your slime purchase.
Orders do not come with borax, but it can be added by request in your purchase notes.

*Terms only valid for Slime purchases. No extras are given for merchandise or scent orders.


Have you ever had the thought “I want that slime label on a shirt (blanket, mug, poster, pin, etc)” or “MAN!! I love LayZSlime SO MUCH that I want a backpack with her rainbow logo on it!”? Have no fear! I GOTCHU! Shop all of your favorite designs here.

*Items are limited editions and are not guaranteed to come back.

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