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DO NOT EAT SLIME. It is NOT edible!! Slimes contain small amounts of borax.

I am not liable to replace your slime if you over activate it. Please read my notes to see how to soften over activated slime, or purchase my deactivator for an easy fix. <3 DO NOT squirt your activator into it like you’re saucing up fries.
I recommend kneading in 1/4tsp at a time to reactivate sticky slime. POKE YOUR SLIME WITH YOUR FINGER TO MAKE SURE IT ISN’T TOO STICKY BEFORE USING! Please Note: Depending on where you live, your slime could arrive melted due to the warm weather, or frozen/stiff due to the cold weather. This is completely normal. You can find fixes for these problems below.

How to make Activator
Add 1/2 tsp of borax to 1/2 cup of warm water and mix until the borax is completely dissolved.

How to use activator
Use little squirts of the activator provided to solidify sticky slime. Measured out – No more than 1/4 tsp at a time. (Buy pre-made activator bottles here.)

How to play with slime:
First, wash your hands and tie your hair up if it’s long! Slime will stick to sweaty/oily hands. If your body runs warm you may need to use a little more activator. No more than 1/4tsp AT A TIME to avoid overactivation. I recommend playing with slime on or over a clean and non-porous table. Do not play with slime over carpet. It’s important to handle slime quickly. Not all slimes are meant to be holdable. (Buy Slime Here)

My slime is…
…hard? Slime will naturally melt/get stickier over time. Adding lotion or my deactivator will help. If it is cold, your slime may be stiff. You should be able to warm it up with your hands.
…sticky? Add in a few drops of activator. If you add too much, it can ruin your slime, so be careful! I recommend 1/4tsp at a time. If it is lumpy after activating, just knead until smooth. If you over activate it you can purchase my deactivator.
…foam beads falling out? Beads will fall out if you add too much activator. Leave this slime alone for a day or two and it should fix itself.
…shrinking? It is normal for slime to shrink/evaporate over time. Especially if you purchase a really fluffy one. I don’t use shaving cream in my slimes, and some of them are inflatable so they’ll get slightly bigger during play.

Butter slime is made with slime and air dry clay. If you play with it and leave it out for over 20-30 minutes, it’ll dry up. — RIP — It is normal for butter slime to dry up over time due to the ingredients. Make sure to keep your butter slime in its container when you’re not playing with it!
My butter slime is…
…hard? Add a little lotion or purchase my deactivator to soften it up.
…still hard? If your butter slime has dried up, there is no way to fix it. Please remember to keep it in it’s container!
…sticky? Adding BABY drops of activator at a time will help (NO MORE THAN 1/4tsp at a time)! If you add to much, it will ruin your slime, so please be careful. If it is a little lumpy after activating you just need to knead it until it smoothes out.
…coming off on my hands? It is normal for butter slime to come off on your hands/surface your using depending on the color of it. To remove it, you can quickly press on the area it is stuck on & it will come off. RIP SLIME — Slime has a limited shelf life span. If you can’t fix your slime then it’s probably not repairable. Please make sure to keep your slime in their containers to avoid this happening sooner than necessary.

Remember: Keep your slime away from clothes, carpet, furniture, and your mouth!! Slime is not edible!!!

Slime Spill??

Follow this link for Easy, non-toxic removal methods

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